Exhibitor FAQs

Do we need a live data connection to scan badges?

No, you only need a live data connection to download your company's personalised version of the app to each device and to upload your scan data to your account online.

How much does it cost to add users to our account at the event?

Nothing - there is no charge to add additional users to your account at a live event - the number of users on an account is unlimited.

Can we customise the app for each trade show?

Yes - every exhibiting company can customise the app with up to 10 separate products/services it will be displaying at the event prior to distributing the app.

Can we use the app to make notes on each sales lead?

Yes - you can use the keyboard on the device to enter written notes to go with a sales lead.

How does the app help with sales management during and after the event?

Sales management can view reports online for each member of their sales team at any time to track their activity levels by hour at the event. The app also includes lead ranking and follow up scheduling functionality which sales management can use post show to monitor follow up activity.

Can the app be used on any trade show?

In theory yes - however this is dependent on the organiser supplying the attendee data for The Badge Scanner to work with.

Can exhibitors purchase directly from The Badge Scanner?

Yes - however the event organiser must always agree to the use of the app on their event.

Why aren't business cards enough?

Not every exhibitor realises that the information contained in encoded form on an attendee badge is much more comprehensive than the information typically contained on a business card - which in many cases can include only a name a contact name, mobile telephone number and a website.

How do I get technical support pre-show and post-show?

Contact our friendly team - we are here to help.

Do you help us train our staff?

Yes, we do. If you need additional help and we are running the event registration, we can provide on-site support during your event to assist your staff. Alternatively, our technical team provides expert assistance by email.

What file format is the lead file in?

Your lead file is in MS Excel format and converts easily for easy CRM upload.

What information is included in the lead file?

All the primary contact information captured during the registration process, plus relevant product questions and your qualifiers and notes.

How do I know that I have successfully scanned a badge?

There is a visual confirmation on screen when you have successfully scanned a badge or manually entered the badge number.

How do I get the app?

The Badge Scanner is available as a free download from the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Links to all these are on the landing page of badge-scanner.com.

What are the app hardware requirements?

Your device must have a working rear-facing camera. iOS version 7 or greater or Android 2.3.3 greater is recommended.

What happens if my battery dies?

All leads that were scanned will always remain on the device which they were scanned. When power is restored the user can sync the data with their account online.

What happens if my phone breaks or I lose it during the show?

Any leads that were scanned and synced with the online account will be saved. Any leads that had not yet been synced will unfortunately be irretrievable.

Who administers the Exhibiting Company's The Badge Scanner account?

The account has a single administrator who controls the specific product categories for all the users on their account as well as distributing the app to as many of their personnel as they like. In this respect we suggest it is the function of the sales manager/director to administer the account.

Can I download my leads from the dashboard?

Yes, you can download your leads in MS Excel. The file identifies which User on the account scanned each lead as well as recording the date and time.

Does the dashboard track who scanned which leads?

Yes, the dashboard treats each activated user/device as a unique data source. The dashboard additionally tracks date and time of leads.