Organiser FAQs

Why offer lead retrieval at an event?

Data is a business critical resource and lead retrieval is all about data.

For exhibiting companies, it's more important than ever to capture every solid lead to gain competitive advantage and to prove ROI at an event. Exhibitors have come to expect lead retrieval to be an integral part of the show. It is important that you provide value and that you provide exhibitors with services that will make their experience in your show a success. Lead Retrieval is the best way to prove ROI at a trade show.

Why is it in the interest of exhibitors, attendees, and event organisers to utilise lead retrieval?

The short answer is that lead retrieval generates a positive return on investment for each of the event stakeholders. Exhibitors invest time and money to attend an event. Lead Retrieval provides critical information enabling exhibitors to quickly identify their best prospects. Attendees are more likely to receive the information they want in a timely manner when exhibitors use lead retrieval. Lead retrieval provides event organisers with critical marketing data to assist in developing the event in line market trends, selling exhibition space and sponsorships at future events.

The more exhibitors at an event that use lead retrieval, the more effective it is for the event organiser and the attendees.

We already have a lead retrieval on our event, so why should we change to The Badge Scanner on our event?

The Badge Scanner puts you, the organiser, in control of the exhibitor service, lead retrieval data, the value proposition and the revenue opportunity.

What makes The Badge Scanner different from an organiser perspective?

Data security - the organiser can opt to manage the whole process in-house so we do not have to have access to any of their data.

Abuse prevention - the organiser can set an abuse level to prevent exhibiting company users from indiscriminate scanning of attendees.

Analytics to justify ROI: Organisers can view summary reports on the number and quality of leads generated by users at their event. Organisers can also drill down to company and user level on their event if required.

Why would an exhibiting company prefer to use The Badge Scanner over systems?

The Badge Scanner is less expensive, more flexible, easier to deploy and use on site among all a company's sales personnel. There are no additional costs for hardware rental or cost per lead - a single low price provides all exhibiting staff with a smart badge scanner lead retrieval service.